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Oregon driver causes fatal accident outside local high school

Three people, including the driver believed to have caused the wreck, were injured as a vehicle seemingly lost control on the exit ramp of a freeway. The fatal accident occurred outside of an Oregon high school and killed one person. Police officials are still investigating, although it appears as though they have ruled out alcohol as a factor in the wreck.

An SUV was exiting the nearby freeway when its driver struck the curb and sent the vehicle off course. The SUV then collided with an eastbound vehicle that rolled and landed right-side up. Two people in the vehicle that was struck sustained serious injuries and were transported to a local hospital. A third passenger in the backseat of the vehicle was killed.

1 killed, 2 injured after car accident spilled hazardous fuel

Authorities were recently called in to deal with a hazardous material situation that was the result of a head-on collision. The car accident killed one Oregon man and injured two others. After the wreck, hazardous fuel spilled out of one of the vehicles and was apparently headed toward a local river.

A 22-year-old driver was traveling westbound on Highway 38 around 6 a.m. While it is not yet clear why, the driver's pickup reportedly veered into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle head-on. Police announced that the driver died at the scene of the accident. The vehicle that was struck was knocked down a nearby embankment, injuring both of its passengers.

Alleged impaired driver kills 2 in fatal accident

Two men are dead after police claim that a woman may have gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle while impaired. The head-on collision also sent the driver that initially caused the fatal accident to the hospital. Oregon authorities are still investigating and have asked that any witnesses come forward with information concerning the accident or the hours beforehand.

An Oregon woman lost control of her vehicle while traveling navigating a curve shortly after 1 p.m. on Wednesday. Apparently, the driver lost control of her vehicle on the bend of a road and veered into oncoming traffic, causing a collision. Authorities have reported that speed may have been one factor, but they also believe that the driver may have been impaired at the time of the accident.

State trooper's son and 1 other killed in fatal accident

Passing another vehicle is a driving maneuver that may take some time and practice before it can be executed perfectly. Even the most seasoned of drivers may do well to exercise extreme caution when it comes to passing while driving. A state trooper in Oregon was injured recently after the vehicle that he was a passenger in was involved in a fatal accident while attempting to pass.

The state trooper and his 18-year-old son were traveling east on a two-lane highway at the time of the accident. Authorities believe that the son was in the process of attempting to pass a car in front of him when he slammed head-on into another vehicle. That collision resulted in multiple injuries and two deaths.

Accident at Oregon airport sends 3 to hospital

Pedestrian accidents can cause potentially fatal results for victims that have been struck. Luckily, three women involved in a recent Oregon accident with a motor vehicle all survived, although all three did have to be transported to the hospital. The investigation is still ongoing.

The accident didn't actually occur on the street or in a pedestrian crosswalk. Instead, the three women who were struck were actually standing on the curb by the pickup lane at an Oregon airport. While the vehicle did initially stop, it then apparently then drove forward, up onto the curb and hit the women.

Fatal car accident kills 1, sends another to the hospital

Sadly, wrong-way accidents can very quickly turn dangerous. The opposing speed and force of both vehicles involved can make the chance of at least one death very real. A recent Oregon wrong-way driver caused a fatal car accident as he was traveling on the wrong side of the interstate.

At about 3:15 a.m., a 32-year-old man was traveling north in the southbound lane of I-5. As he drove the wrong way down the interstate, he struck another vehicle head-on. During the collision, the driver who was struck -- a 58-year-old woman on her way home from work -- was thrown from her vehicle.

Pedestrian accident victim dies, driver may be charged

A man who was hit and injured while in a crosswalk has died due to the injuries he sustained in the accident. The driver who caused the pedestrian accident initially fled the scene of the accident, but Oregon police were able to locate and arrest the man. Alcohol may have been a factor in the accident, but authorities are still pursuing the investigation.

The accident actually occurred over a month ago in the beginning of February. A 60-year-old man was utilizing a crosswalk to cross the street while riding in a wheelchair. According to authorities, at nearly 1 a.m., the possibly impaired driver struck the pedestrian and then fled.

Oregon driver allegedly causes fatal accident, kills 7-year-old

A recent hit-and-run accident caused much more damage than dents and dings to the two vehicles involved. Although the driver who allegedly caused the fatal accident fled afterward, Oregon police were able to quickly apprehend him. He is currently behind bars and facing several charges, one of which is manslaughter.

An Oregon mother and her 7-year-old daughter were stopped at an intersection when the wreck occurred. Apparently, a 29-year-old male failed to slow down and stop, and he struck the back of the woman's vehicle. After running into the other vehicle, the driver that caused the accident got out of his vehicle and ran.

Possible drunk driver causes multi-car accident, injures 2

Even the most experienced drivers must practice caution when driving on roads that are slick with ice. Failing to do so can sometimes lead to scary outcomes, such as a recent car accident in Oregon. Authorities believe that the driver who initially caused the accident may have been under the influence of alcohol.

A 29-year-old man may have been driving under the influence when he lost control of his vehicle on an icy patch of road. After hitting the ice, the driver lost control of his vehicle and crossed into oncoming traffic, where he struck a pickup truck head-on. The pickup, which was carrying two passengers, erupted into flames as a result of the impact.

Oregon teen rolls vehicle in car accident, injures 6

Six teenagers on a camping trip were injured when the driver of their vehicle reportedly lost control. Oregon authorities initially thought that alcohol may have played a role in the car accident, but it was later determined that it did not. However, the single-vehicle wreck was severe enough to send all of its passengers to the hospital.

The 18-year-old driver had five other teens in her vehicle when she reported that she lost control. She claims that her vehicle began to rapidly accelerate out of her control. Apparently, all attempts to stop the vehicle or use the brakes were unsuccessful, so instead she tried to pull her vehicle off to the side of the road.

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